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Panasonic TX-50A400B – Budget 50 Inch LED TV

Panasonic TX-50A400B has a fabulous quality picture, so you will feel comfortable watching your best selected program in your sofa with Panasonic TX-50A400B its full HD resolution and LED backlight produces a fantastic color and picture clarity that will bring your favourite programmes to life in a bright excellence while its 100Hz will refresh frequency that will ensure everything if it is shudder or blur free. It has a media player that will let you enjoy your videos, pictures and music in big screen using your USB, just simply plug in it and you are ready to go. You can also access to over 50 standard description channels including 4HD channels with its combined Freereview HD without any subscription.

Panasonic TX-50A400B

Panasonic TX-50A400B

Panasonic TX-50A400B Features:

  • 10x10x10 cm-100 Kg product dimensions

  • 20 Kg Boxed product weight

  • included 2 AA batteries

  • TX-50A400B model number

  • B00IQ5XCW

Panasonic has the best picture it is wonderful for computer game, but you need to adjust the TV setting it if you want more realistic colors and lenient viewing. Its picture is much better than the other TV it will cost half of price of your ordinary TV. Panasonic sound is good you can adjust with some tunes. You can use this TV as your monitor. Furthermore to contribution in its excellent picture quality, the Panasonic TX-50A400B also proposes a good quality sound. It has a 20 watt amplifier that provides a full bodied sound quality. To produce a spacious, border sound effect with its V-audio. There are both similarity and visual digital audio output that will allow you to simply improve the sound quality of sound through home cinema system.

But its screen ON edge is slightly ugly compared to the other. The example has no picture and brushing through the guide was actually changes the channel. But buying Panasonic TX-50A400B is worthy. You can explore yourself through different and amazing features of this TV.

Customer Reviews

14 of 21 people found that this product has a great quality. They are amazed with its thin bezel and attractive pictures so they rated this product 5 star. 3 out of 21 have rated this product 4 star because they are amazed with its sound and its adjustment controls. 1 of 21 rated this 3 stars, 1 of 21 rated this with 2 stars, and 2 out of 21 rated this 1 star.

Panasonic TX-50A400B has a smooth motion with blinking backlight a fine OFF/ON controls of the backlight results in image that free form glimmer and afterimage. It has a High contrast that will produce colourful and brittle images. The V-audio will advanced the effect and produce hi-fi sound. Panasonic media player content stored in USB memory can easily played on a large screen. With Panasonic you can easily connect your USB device like your digital camera and your external storage through USB interface so you can view your photo that you take. Connect your HDMI device on its ports such as, the newest game machine and BD player you can connected with HDMI cables. Panasonic TV is almost a package. You will become happier, amazed and satisfied with Panasonic TX-50A400B.

Updated: December 8, 2015 — 5:44 pm

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